Hi All,

I'm super excited to announce our winners of our First Annual KidLit College Chapter Boo & Board Book Contest Contest. While all good things take time, I apologize for the delay, but with so many excellent submissions, selecting a top three can be a tricky thing. This contest reminded me of the importance of story set up, connection to character and how much pacing and plot shake hands during the writing process in order to bring out the heart of a story—exactly what we will explore in our upcoming FIRST PAGES EXPERT EDITOR-AGENT REVIEW session. These writers are very much a representation of this.

With one of our Picture Book Contest first place winners currently under consideration, we want to announce, without further delay, our KidLit College Contest Winners:

KidLit College Chapter Book Winners

Stacy Curtis wins first prize with her chapter book, STAR BRIDGE, a chapter book that features five friends on a mission to a distant planet. Recruited by Captain Heeley to serve as a Star Bridge Crew, they accept a mission to solve a riddle, face a cave full of bats and, perhaps, save Apollo 13.

Alane Adams places a close second. In THE WITCHES OF ORKNEY: ABIGAIL'S STRANGE MAGIC, nine-year-old Abigail must solve the mystery of why her witch magic is so different than others at the Tarkana Academy before the head mistress discovers her secret and expels her or feeds her to a giant spider. Together, with science pro Hugo, she face off sneevils and shreeks and races to discover the secrets about her mysterious past.

Rebecca Brockington places third with AMARYLLIS MARS & THE LEAGUE OF SCIENTISTS. A great concept and stand alone with series potential is a Ramona meets The Justice League for girls who love science, cupcakes, ballet, and laser cats. Amaryllis Mars adores chemistry, fights her new school blues, a centipede invasion, and friendship troubles with The Sophies, to lead her team, P.S. #314, to win a trip to Washington D.C. to meet today’s female leaders in science.

We award an honorable mention to Becky Shillington for her creative title, Glory Jean, Poetry Queen. Convinced that none of her classmates are as creative as she is—especially not identical twin sister Hallie or Dan Mann—and she absolutely will win the fall poetry contest at school, become a famous poet with her masterpiece, “The Ballad of Beverly Bloom.” When Grandpa Pete takes her to a poetry slam at his senior center and her worst nightmare comes true: her twin, Hallie, wins the contest, she has to set aside her disappointment to help her sister overcome her worst nightmare, a plan only identical twins can pull off.

Novelty & Board Book Contest Winners

Heidi Bee Roemer wins with TOES ON THE GO! Baby toddles onto the beach. Her wiggly toes feel the tickly, prickly grass, the splash of chilly waves, and the warmth of the sun. What happens when a bitty bug bites Baby's toe? Mommy knows! Baby topples, tumbles, splash! Sun-kissed toes step into a warm bubbly bath.

Jodi McKay scores a close second with PANDAS IN PAJAMAS. Panda wants to sleep, but that’s nearly impossible. More and more pandas show up and turn bedtime into a rip roaring pajama party panda-monium.

Tess Weaver places third with Boo, Baby, Boo! Baby celebrates Halloween and watches ghouls and candles flicker and shadows creep in close and a drippy thing enters... It's Dad! Happy Halloween.

Honorable mentions include the following:

Myrtle Makes a Splash by Leah DiPasquale.

Otis and Redding by Vivian Kirkfield.

What Could it Be? (Vol. 2) by Claudia Broglio.

Dig Dig by Erika Wilson.

Congrats to our winners. We will be in contact to officially award prizes!

Thanks for your support of KidLit College's contests, classes and events.

Happy writing!

Jodell Sadler,

Founder, KidLitCollege.org