Two-Payment, New Full-Year KidLit College Membership 2018

Two Payment option. Use KLC-2017 to take 10% Off...


This is a tough time of year to go the extra to benefit your writing life in the upcoming season, and because we completely understand this challenge, we are providing a two-pay option. You will receive all the benefits of full KidLit College 2018 Membership, but enjoy the benefits of two smaller payments.

If you are looking for a two-pay option, this is it. Please know, that once you select this option, there's no refunds. You will be brought into the Full-Year course, and this will stay active until Annual Membership is paid in full.

Feel free to use the KLC-2017 on your first payment at the check out.

We will manually transfer you to the full-member course upon registration as quickly as possible, so you will enjoy reading up on all the benefits of our membership and get fired up for our January classes, Crit-N-Chats, and first webinar event of the season.

This is the best way to see all your New Year Writing Resolutions come true.

Happy Holidays,

Jodell Sadler & the KidLit College team

Happy Holidays.


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